The Fly-By-Night

Seth Brundle: Have you ever heard of insect politics?

Female expert on entomological elections: Well, yes, I’m here to talk about –

Seth: Neither have I.

Female expert: I’m sorry? I thought I was here to discuss the recent bee elections.

Seth: Insects…don’t have politics.

Female expert: Have they invited you on to be the controversial talking head? Because I’m here to –

Seth: They’re very… brutal. No compassion, no compromise.

Female expert: Oh no, do we have to have a fake debate about whether my subject of expertise is valid?

Seth: No compassion, no compromise. We can’t trust the insect.

Female expert: Well, we can trust the results coming out of the recent bee elections, because they’ve been independently validated by –

Seth: I’d like to become the first… insect politician.

Female expert: Right, so you don’t believe insects have politics, but you have a burning ambition to get into insect politics and show all the insects how it’s done? Figures.

Seth: I’m saying… I’m saying I – I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it.

Female expert: I think what you’re actually saying is that you’re a man who knows fuck-all about insects.

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