Two great posts challenging the cult of productivity

I’ve been arguing the case in favour of “fat”, “slack” and “inefficiency” for a while now. My blog post about people being sent home while having labour contractions was trying to make the point that a bit of “fat” in the system is good. Of course the idea of boosting efficiency and reducing waste sounds good – until you’re in the position of needing or wanting some spare resources and finding there’s nothing there for you.

Anyway, this week I stumbled across two blog posts which both make the same point, but much better.

How to Be So “Productive” That You Hate Life and Everyone Hates You, by Jen Dziura.

Efficiency in Health Care. by Siderea.

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2 Comments on “Two great posts challenging the cult of productivity”

  1. Julieanne Says:

    I read your original & the two suggested blog posts. All are great and useful reading even for someone who thinks she has a handle on these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] because maximising your route for residents’ convenience means you can’t maximise it for efficiency. Good old […]

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