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Stopping for horses

February 24, 2015

“[Wh]en I go on my bike and I hear cars coming they don’t slow down even though there is not much room. I usually stop and get off my bike and stand on the grass verge but they still don’t slow down. Cars sometimes slow down for a horse, I think it is because the horse is higher up and they think it is more important to slow down.”

If you cycle a lot in the country, you’ll have noticed the same thing that 10-year-old Alexander observes: drivers who will slow down or stop for horses will not slow down for you. Some of it is a cultural thing: slowing for horses is considered good behaviour in a way that slowing for cyclists is not. That’s why you get bumper stickers boasting that the driver slows down for horses. It’s a badge of belonging, a sign that you’re a responsible member of the rural community.

Alternative theory: ignoring/endangering cyclists while respecting/fearing horses means you’re following the rules of the lizard brain.

It’s a shame

February 17, 2015

It’s a shame sociologists don’t understand statistics. It’s a shame statistics isn’t part of the syllabus on any sociology courses.

It’s a shame that Stella Gibbons only wrote one novel, because Cold Comfort Farm showed real promise.

It’s a shame none of the political parties in the UK have committed to renationalising the railways.

It’s a shame none of the political parties in the UK are currently led by a woman.

It’s a shame women are hard-wired to be less interested in tech.

A nice thing to do in February

February 10, 2015

Gather all your woolly gloves together and handwash them, using the wool/delicates detergent of your choice. If winter is nearly over, you can pack them away almost clean. If there’s still lots more winter to come, you’ve just given them a new lease of life.

If you’re thinking that your gloves don’t need washing, just try it once and see how dirty the water gets.