There’s no coriander in baseball

We all know the saying, don’t we?

“There’s no coriander in baseball.”

Of course I’m kidding. I bet you’ve never heard that phrase in your life.

You’ve never heard that phrase because baseball is simply crawling with coriander. Every nine-person team carries enough coriander to flavour a really delicious meal. Pitchers run on clutching handfuls of freshly-chopped coriander. Everybody on the batting team has a jar of ground coriander in their back pocket. Coriander-scented essential oils are pumped out around the whole stadium. Occasionally the whole game just stops so that everybody can enjoy a delicious coriander-flavoured naan bread.

OK, so I’m still joking. There really is no coriander in baseball. That’s why you don’t hear people telling you there’s no coriander in baseball.

There is crying in baseball. That’s why the shouting man in A League of Their Own needs to keep shouting about how there’s no crying in baseball.

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