Crap acronym: nuts

Today’s crap acronym was sent in by a reader who recently enjoyed a packet of Clancy’s Honey-Roasted Peanuts. On the back, it advertises A, B, C for a Healthy Balance.

Always Eat Healthily.

Snacking as part of a healthy balanced diet is allowed as long as it’s a combination of carbohydrates, fat, protein and fibre, also ensure plenty of fruit and vegetables are eaten.

Be Active.

Always remember to be as active as possible, to burn off any extra calories.

Consume Happy.

Enjoy these snacks as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I see this kind of thing a lot these days, from the makers of not-particularly-healthy food. The general message is always the same: this food should be a treat! This food should be the only non-healthy thing you eat today!

Tobacco firms used to argue that cigarette advertising was about persuading existing smokers to change brands, not about encouraging smoking, so there was no point in banning it. (If this was true, then an across-the-board ban on cigarette advertising would be an excellent thing for tobacco firms, because they’d all get a slice of the same pie without having to spend money competing with each other. Funny that they lobbied against it.)

Now snack makers argue that their snack is OK because they don’t expect their customers to eat ANYTHING else sugary, fat-laden or over-salted in a day.

Anyway. The acronym is the usual heady mixture of adverb and verb, with the important bits you’re supposed to remember not actually part of the acronym itself, and bonus preachy paragraphs to explain what it means. I also like “Consume Happy”, which sounds like it’s been awkwardly translated from a different language. This all fails so hard as an acronym. Thanks to the guy who sent this in.

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