Clearing the blog post backlog

I’ve got about 15 blog posts waiting to be published. I’ve always got about 15 blog posts waiting to be published. Yes, I publish posts frequently, but I also write way too frequently, which means I always have a backlog of… about 15 posts. And that’s just for this blog, which is one of several that I write for regularly.

My life is full of half-done stuff, clutter, things put off for a better day.

They say that if you don’t have a plan for your own life, you’ll end up with someone else’s plan, and it wouldn’t be what you would have wanted. Well, the logical extension of putting things off indefinitely is to put things off until you die, leaving someone else to wrap them up for you. And you just know they’ll do a shitty job. Better to take the tough decisions yourself, now.

Believe me, I don’t practice what I preach. But I’m hoping that facing up to some of the cringe, some of the infinitely-postponed stuff, will actually feel OK. Ideally, I’d like each cringe-conquering to feel like a mini fresh start, as tasty and manageable as a half-time orange.

So. I have a backlog of blog posts because I am frightened of bombarding readers with too much content. I think that if I post more than twice a week, I will lose readers in droves. The thought of putting off droves of readers because I’m incapable of shutting up makes me cringe. But I don’t have droves of readers to start with. So. I think I’m going to just schedule all those posts to be published. One every weekday until I’ve cleared the backlog.

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2 Comments on “Clearing the blog post backlog”

  1. Kake Says:

    I’m glad to hear this — I enjoy reading your posts and would happily read them more often.

    • gryphon Says:

      Gosh, really? Another reader I didn’t know about. Well, I hope getting a new post every weekday won’t lessen that enjoyment. We’ll see.

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