I just met you, and this is perfectly reasonable

I just met you
And this is crazy
But here’s my number
So call me, maybe?

When you’ve just met someone, there are basically two outcomes: either you’ll see them again, or you won’t see them again. Is it crazy to desire one outcome rather than another, and take steps towards that desired outcome?

If not, are her methods crazy? She’s not following the guy home. She’s not even insisting on his phone number. She’s just giving him her phone number so that if he also wants future contact, he won’t find it difficult or impossible to get in touch. Her request – “call me” – is softened with a submissive “maybe?” so that it won’t look like a command.

Wanting further contact with someone is perfectly reasonable, and furnishing them with contact details as a step towards that outcome is therefore also perfectly reasonable. She just has to say it’s “crazy” so she doesn’t sound too much like she’s taken a rational decision to continue contact with a man in which she has a romantic interest. That kind of behaviour is for sluts and feminists. If you carry on that way, he’ll never put a ring on it.

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