Another kind of redial trick

This is a variation on the instant redial trick mentioned in a previous post. But that trick involved taking advantage of the victim’s relief, whereas this one uses their guilt to manipulate them.

It’s used when the time-stealer’s demands have overridden the victim’s politeness, and the victim has finally – finally – told the time-stealer where to go. This usually means that the victim has become angry enough not to care about hurting the pest. He or she has probably said, in a raised voice and in no uncertain terms, that they are unhappy with the time-stealer’s behaviour. The victim will tell the pest to leave them alone – probably putting it into unambiguous words for the first time ever.

When the call is over, the victim will start calming down. He or she will start feeling guilty about the outburst and worrying about its effects on the other person. It is then that the advanced manipulator will ring back.

Pests will usually take their cue from the victim during this second phone call. Sometimes the victim will be shocked enough at their own behaviour to apologise and take back everything they’ve said, in which case the time-stealer’s work is done. Sometimes the victim is apologetic about the outburst, but brave enough to stand by the essence of what they said. In that case, the pest will probably offer their own apology for the behaviour that prompted the outburst and commence new, subtler manipulation techniques.

Sometimes the victim repeats the substance of the outburst rather than apologising for it. This usually happens for one of two reasons: either the victim has been made angry again by the fact that the pest has phoned back, thereby showing that they’ve ignored everything it cost the victim so much to say; or the victim is still angry because the time-stealer has phoned back too soon. Either way, most time-stealers realise that when the victim is prepared to state their unhappiness with the situation on more than one occasion, the manipulated relationship is coming to an end.

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