A story of enlightenment

Once there was a poet in search of a good acronym. This poet went to the wise man of the village and said,

“Wise man, I need an acronym for my budding yoga consultancy.”

The wise man replied, “What do you need to spell?”

The poet replied, “I’m trying to spell the name of my company. It’s called Hans Yoga because my name is Hans and I teach yoga. I’m all set for meaningless buzzwords when it comes to the H-A-N-S bit, but I can’t seem to get started on the Y-O-G-A.”

“Then,” said the wise man, “why not just stick the word “yoga” in at the end and hope nobody notices the acronym doesn’t really work any more?”

At that moment, the poet was enlightened.

Health & Happiness
Attitudinal Transformation
New-age Spirituality
Stress-free Success
through YOGA

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