Instant redial

The quick – sometimes instant – redial is a fairly advanced time-stealing trick. The initial step is to ring the victim and have a conversation where the outcome is that the victim feels let off the hook. If the victim says “I’m busy Saturday… can I ring you next week?”, the pest will say “Yes, of course, ring me whenever you’re free.” The aim is to give the victim a feeling of relief that they have got rid of the time-stealer, if only for a brief time. Really advanced time-stealers will say something like, “Good luck with [something happening in several weeks’ time]”, so that the victim thinks they have gained at least a few weeks of respite.

The pest’s aim is to harness that feeling of relief. So what the time-stealer does is to ring back unexpectedly while the victim is still feeling relieved. Some pests leave it an hour or two; I’ve known people to ring back within thirty seconds. The victim will still be feeling happy and relieved, and will be caught completely off guard when the pest makes a fresh demand to meet up. The other advantage is that they are more likely to answer the phone, because they will assume the call isn’t going to involve any demands on their time – after all, they’ve already said ‘no’ and the pest seems to have accepted that.

The victim is also likely to be feeling warmer towards the time-stealer than they have for some time, which makes them more likely to agree. It’s only later – if at all – that they will realise that the warm feeling that persuaded them into a meeting was only engendered by the pest’s earlier fake acceptance of their refusal of a meeting.

The relationship between a time-stealer and a time-giver, between pest and victim, wouldn’t survive without smokescreens.

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