Obeying the call

“Jesus said: ‘Come.’ And Peter left the boat…” (Matthew 14:29)

Why is the world’s best-selling chair a La-Z-Boy recliner? Because we are addicted to comfort! In fact Karl Barth says: “Comfort is one of our greatest siren calls.” Are you familiar with the term “couch potato”? We,the disciples who stayed on the boat out of fear were “boat potatoes”! They enjoyed watching in comfort without actually doing anything! Sounds familiar? Now before you judge them too harshly, have you considered that you might be a “pew potato”? That’s somebody who goes to church for comfort and a little spirituality, but won’t take the risks and challenges involved in actually following Jesus. […] Today, God is looking for disciples who are ready to leave the boat. People who are willing to say, “Lord, I may be small potatoes, but this spud’s for you!” So how about it? Are you going to play it safe, or are you ready for a water-walking adventure with the Lord? If you are, you’ll never regret it.

Taken from The Parish Magazine, Bloxham, Milcombe & South Newington, 2003.

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